olive oil 500ml

Olive oil Nyons PDO - 500 ml

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Domaine Saint Vincent has four olive groves representing an area of ​​3 hectares in PDO Nyons (Protected Designation of Origin), or about 1000 trees.

Did you know that the black olive from Nyons, the 1st PDO in France, since 1994 comes from the Tanche variety and that it alone symbolizes the excellence of the oil produced on our soil and is unique in the world ? The average age of our olive trees is 60 years old and they are constantly and patiently given special care throughout the year.

Nyons PDO olive oil is a smooth and fine oil. It is characterized by dominant aromas of hazelnut and apple, which give it a unique taste. Harvested from December to January, the black olive from Nyons is finely wrinkled by the first frosts. This late harvest gives it its sweetness and is particularly appreciated by connoisseurs. It will accompany with delight your dishes and culinary creations.

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