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Olives from Nyons PDO - 500g

9.00 € inc. VAT per unity / Black olive from Nyons PDO is fleshy and "monk's bure" color. It is characterized by dominant aromas of cloves, hazelnuts and undergrowth. Sold in boxes of 4 packs.

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9,00 € tax incl.

Black olive from Nyons PDO, of the Tanche variety, emblematic of Nyons and the Baronnies Provençales. It is the only variety which has been able to acclimatize so well in Drôme Provençale.

The black PDO olive Nyons is sweet and very fragrant. It is protected by a controlled designation of origin since a decree taken by the INAO on January 10, 1994.

It can be consumed as an aperitif, but also as a condiment in dishes; cooked meats, salads, pizzas...

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